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  It was during a trip through the hostile lands of Patagonia that I discovered my way.

  Caught in a sandstorm, in the middle of an arid desert, I found shelter with an old couple of horse breeders. Their house was small and a rustic but they greeted me with generosity and simplicity.

  A few days later, I went on my way with wet eyes and a heart full of beautiful moments. The old lady with copper skin and azure look choose this moment to offered me her camera. A gleaming Mamiya 35 she had never used. With a big smile she said: "If you travel with this camera, I'll travel with you. But never forget that even if you try to capture the beauty of the world, you'll only catch a fleeting moment".

  Since that day, I have been trying to apply her advice and that's how I became DOP and I started a beautiful journey.

Mahdi Lepart Directeur de la photographie

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15 rue Yves Toudic 75010 Paris // +33 (1) 42 21 02 48

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